Dare to live to your fullest expression !

Hi, I’m Adrien.

Do you really know yourself?

I mean beyond your mental constructs.

Playing hockey at the NHL and the Olympic level has helped me see that we all have hidden potential that we haven’t tapped into. That potential remains hidden until we change our perception.

Why is that?

Because we define ourselves mostly through our past. Through the lenses of society and what others said and thought of us.

We were dependent on others for our needs, our survival… So we unconsciously created a character hoping to are needs would be met. Unfortunately that character isn’t the real you. It is only a construct of your past experiences.

In actuality, most of us are carrying the past into the present.

Do you feel like no matter what you do, you can’t get passed a certain threshold? It feels like you have one foot on the accelerator, while simultaneously pushing on the break pedal with the other foot.

I want to tell you that it isn’t your fault.

I did that my whole career without fully realising it. This is self-sabotage.

A battle arises between the part of you that is trying to desperately meet those needs and the part of you that is wanting to live your fullest expression.

Do you feel like you are not pursuing your best life?

Your higher self wants you to expand, and express the fullest, most authentic version of yourself, yet your ego is responding according to the past.

Ego lives according to the past while your higher-self is living in the now.

As children, we create patterns & protective mechanism in order to feel seen and safe in our environment.

Those patterns that kept you feeling safe… are not longer serving you.

They are keeping you from reaching your goals, your potential, and ultimately the life you desire.

We can all make this journey back to our truest version, and I can tell you that this is the most rewarding journey you can undertake.

That is why I do what I do today. This is life changing…But it isn’t an overnight process.

If you know there is more to your life, and you want to feel more connected, courageous, creative, and more alive…

This is for you!

Do you Dare to live to YOUR fullest expression?

Your Peak Existence!

Pursuing my dream of playing in the NHL has taught me so much about myself. I am grateful to have played on the biggest stage of the hockey world.

I can tell you that the achievements won’t mean much if you are not inspired and fulfilled in the pursuit of your dreams and goals.

What is the state you are pursuing your dreams from?

I did it mostly in a state of survival. This altered state of being is accompanied with a fight, flight, fawn or freeze response.

Peak Potential and Experience cannot be accessed in survival.

Living in survival will eventually create disharmony in all areas of your life.

I know!

The long-term effects of living with the hormones of stress will impact your health, wealth, happiness and realtionships.

That is why my mission is to help individual achieve excellence by raising their level of consciousness.

This is a quantum internal shift that leads to a whole new experience.

Do you dare to live your fullest expression?

Beyond Performance Coaching

Why authenticity matters?

Progress is natural in every human being, we have a built in Creative Success mechanism. If we have too many limiting patterns and protective mechanisms, we block our ability to be creative beings in the world. When we are in our fullest expression, we are creating...Authenticity is where you access your gifts, your voice, your expression as a creative being.

It starts with mindset!

When you take control of your mind, you become intentional in the way you want to show up in the world. When you cultivate emotional mastery, you heighten your state of consciousness. Powerful state means high vibrating emotions like joy, inspiration...That opens the gate to your resourcefulness, and allows you to access universal principles that lead to peak potential and experience. People respond to our energy, our state... You become a powerful attractor of health, wealth...

Why we self-sabotage?

We have been domesticated out of trusting our own instincts and intuition. Unconsciously we are trying to meet our past unmet needs as adults through our adaptive patterns. A way this happens is we seek validation through achievement. That leads to self-sabotage because it never treats the root cause.

Client Testimonials

I played in the NHL and Olympics

Playing in the NHL was a dream come true for me.

I knew I had what it took to be a world class player.

It is already hard enough as a young kid playing on the biggest stage trying to make a name for yourself. The NHL is a gladiator zone, imagine trying to regulate my overactive nervous system at the same time.

My body was often on high alert, I felt this unease I couldn’t shake. The result is I tried to control my environment; I pretended to be okay when I wasn’t.

All I wanted was to feel normal, to relax, let go and enjoy the opportunity I have created for myself.

Why Choose Me?

Peak Existence Experience

I bring 20 years of experience as a top performing athlete. That means I know exactly what pressures you are dealing with and how hard you are on yourself. I can help you let go and support you, so you are fully present and you are thriving in all areas of your life.

Coaching expertise

As a certified accelerated evolution and neuro-transformational results coach I use proven methods to help you understand your mind/body connection, while optimizing it. Unlearning and creating new neuro-pathways, while regulating your nervous system is the foundation to transforming the way you experience life.

Proven method

I work with the Positive Intelligence method by Shirzad Chamine. After using this method for 6 weeks, 91% of participants said they can manage stress better and 82% said it has improved their relationships.

Our Latest Insights

Flow State

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