About me

performing your best by feeling your best

I cannot recall many of my experiences at the Olympics. Because I got stuck in survival mode, my nervous system was mainly on high alert. Instead of enjoying the game, I felt too attached to the outcome.

Control is the by-product of underlying fears. That is what was driving my performance. Living and performing in a state of survival will never allow you to WIN BIG in life.

My health suffered because my body didn’t know how to relax. 

I recall playing in the NHL playoffs after returning from the Olympics; I could not sleep much, and my whole nervous system was on high alert. I remember thinking, is this what living my dream should feel like? I knew there had to be a different way of experiencing my passion. I started smoking Marlboro Light to ease the tension and stress I felt.

I learned to meditate, hoping it would change something. It helped on the surface; however, this was just another way of trying to be in control.

I often isolated myself, leading to the deterioration of my personal life.

If this is you, I understand what you are going through.

My Mission is to help you get out of living in survival and start genuinely living with more ease and flow so you can perform at your best and be present to the beauty in your life.

My Approach

My mission is to let you feel wholeness again.

With that, I do not mean your status, achievements, and performances, driven by your conditioning and primarily others. I mean your unshakeable natural worthiness that is the core of your essence.

I probe with questions and processes that bring you closer to your inner essence. We establish rituals/routines to get you into a healthier, more optimal state.

I help you eradicate saboteur patterns, rewire new beliefs & optimize the mind/body connection.

My Values


I've experienced absence of purpose in life. This has turned meaning into one of my core values.


I strive to be in integrity with my beliefs and my words. I practice passionately what I share with others.


I pretended to be confident. I know that was just a mask. I loved my strengths and dreaded to feel weak. True confidence can accept and handle all parts of you. Vulnerability is a super power!

My life now

I have always been a dreamer and believe we are all meant to thrive with our unique gifts and talents, continuously evolving and expanding. This knowing drives me towards living a self-actualized life.

I knew I was seldom working in my own best interest. My programming and thinking often got in the way of living fully alive.

I lost my dear brother to suicide in my twenties. I developed coping strategies that served me as a young kid. Over time, these strategies moved me away from what I truly desired.

At fifty-three years old, I am more driven than ever to honestly know myself and live a life where I thrive and feel the rapture of being alive.

As humans, we often repeat the same patterns. As I gain more awareness of them, I begin causing a desired effect versus reacting to cause and effect.
I unlearn, relearn, and rewrite the story of my life.

I stop worrying and focusing on non-essential things. I make my health and relationships priorities.

I live with more Faith and learn to listen to myself.

Most of all, I am responsible for my intent, my yeses, and noes, which put me on a path more aligned with my innermost values.

Flow State

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